MSA M41 Boxer - Polaris

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Every MSA Wheels style is designed, engineered and field tested in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado, flats of California and deep mud holes of Texas to ensure top performance and the highest caliber of safety. Each wheel is hand inspected and finished with the finest automotive grade paints, inserts, bolts and materials. MSA Wheels are manufactured by Wheel Pros Powersports Division, using lightweight virgin aluminum used in low pressure casting which means your wheels have a beautiful, low porosity and high luster quality.

The M41 - Boxer is a simple, yet clean, eye-catching eight-spoke design with milled accents and a new MSA cap.
  • Includes 4 black lug nuts per wheel and a spline drive key if 4 or more wheels are purchased.
  • If purchased with tires, free mounting is included.